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New Kid's View

Family lured Jerrianne and her husband to South Milwaukee in 2002 from Southern California where she worked as, first, a journalist, then, as a court information officer. She now stays busy with media-relations consulting, playing with her three grandchildren (part of the lure), writing, discovering her new environs, and hoping her garden will produce before the first fall frost.

Prep your garden

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Ok, I believe in recommending someone who's done a good job, so I'm going to do just that.

"On the Spot Rototilling"

Every spring for the past few years, my husband spent $40 to rent a rototiller so he could turn the soil in our little garden plot behind the garage and prepare it for planting. That  meant driving several miles to the rental place, hoisting a rented rototiller into the back of the Blazer, driving home, wrestling the rototiller out of the Blazer, wrangling it around to the back of the garage, horsing it back and forth in the garden until the weeds were all turned under and the soil was fine and clumpless.

This year, our friend Janet Halfmann told us that her daughter's boyfriend, Cody, was starting a rototilling business. So we called.

Cody came by, took a look at our approximately 20x30-foot garden space, gave us a price and did the job. And what a great job he did. The next day I had put my peas in and within the next week or two expect to have the rest of the planting done. 

So for about the same amount of money as if we had rented a machine and done it ourselves but without all the time and sweat and aching back. Plus we helped an enterprising young man and kept the money local. Win, win, win!

So, if your garden needs a turn to prepare it for planting, I recommend you give Cody a call. (414) 553-8724.

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