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Warming Up To Obama

So, heres the deal.

I didn't vote for Barack Obama. Not because I don't like him or because I like McCain, And not because I am a Republican (I am a true independent)

I didn't vote for him because no one could tell me before the election one single thing that Barack Obama did for our country, And I'm talking good or bad.

I had a member of his campaigning group come to the door, and I asked the same question. "What is one single action Mr Obama has done for the betterment of our country?"


"He was a great community servant in Chicago, active in local issues," blah blah blah 

So, that is my reasoning behind Voting for McCain, I figured he wouldn't be able to single handedly kill us all in four years, and with a democratically controlled congress, it would be very hard for him to push thru anything without great scrutiny.

So, am I bitter? Do I wish McCain would have pulled of the upset?

Nope. Truth is I am really digging Obama. I wouldn't say I am ready to drink the Kool-aid just yet, But, I like the way he speaks, and acts with the American public, I like the way he connects with the common man. And I really like the way he has selected his advisers based on experience rather than political affiliation. (well, except the tax evading Timothy Geithner... thats another story, Anyone that has ever received a call or letter from the IRS should be downright pissed about that guy) Other than that, I like just about everyone else he has aligned himself with.

I am all for giving this guy a chance to prove himself, lets see what he has got.

What I don't want to start hearing is, "He cant do much because he inherited a trillion dollar deficit from Bush"

He said he could, he didn't campaign with the slogan "We will see what we can do"

I think he is off to a good start, I like the stimulus package that he put together, especially the part that allocates funds for uniforms to be spent on AMERICAN MADE PRODUCTS.

I tend to believe that a great portion of the downturn in the economy is all fear related. I think we are the same country that had money to burn 3 years ago, everyone was spending money. It was when the media started uttering the words "recession and depression" that everyone started clamming up with their wallets, and from there it trickles down.

I think that if our country picks itself up, dusts off the last year or so, and starts thinking positive, it will all come around.

I am pulling for Barack....

Mr. President.... show us the way.

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