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Jeopardy Masters and Our Secret


Sometimes, after the kids go to bed, my husband and I play the PlayStation 2 game Jeopardy.  My husband sits at the couch, controller in hand, ready to select the answer to the question.  I sit at the computer, keyboard in hand, ready to search for and yell the answer from across the room.

We are masters at this game!  Playing the game this way has:

  1. Caused us to win and WIN WELL every time.
  2. Taught me to type at the speed of light.
  3. Turned us into the future champions of the real Jeopardy game show (with, of course, my husband at the controls and me in a Bluetooth headset in his ear).

Here's a link to find out how fast you can type. 10 Fast Fingers Speedtest

Below are some Google search tip examples. You can limit search information by typing a specific word before the item your want to search on.

birthplace kevin spacey
population milwaukee
mayor new orleans
music:santana (note the colon)
movies:star wars (note the colon)


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