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Gardening has been a lifelong passion for Wende and she’d like to share her passion with her readers. Follow her as she writes about her gardening adventures, lists tasks to do depending on the season, and gives easy to understand gardening advice.

Taking Care of Your Lawn - 4 Step Program

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The early Spring has done wonders for our lawns and I see most everyone in my neighborhood has already mowed at least once.  We've applied crabgrass preventer and fertilizer a little earlier than usual (it should be done by the end of April in a "normal" year). 

I've been asked about skipping the crabgrass/fertilizer step and go right to the weed 'n feed step (which usually should be done by Memorial Day).  Dandelions are starting to bloom already!  Although skipping the April step may seem like a good idea this year, I think homeowners will get better results if they don't skip it. After all, the key to a great lawn is healthy grass.  Healthy grass doesn't leave room for weeds to grow. And the weed control part of step 2 doesn't really work well until the weeds are actively growing.  They may be growing now, but in a few weeks they will really be active.  That's the time to hit them with the weed control.

Current lawn maintenance thinking is that there are 4 steps to a beautiful lawn:

Step 1 -Crabgrass Control plus Lawn Food

Apply a Crabgrass Preventer plus Lawn Food in the spring – March through end of April. Application prevents the germination of crabgrass and some broadleaf weeds in established lawns. You also get a full feeding for a lush, healthy lawn all in one application.



Step 2 - Weed Control plus Lawn Food

Apply a Weed & Feed later in the spring or early summer when broadleaf weeds are actively growing. You get broadleaf weed control along with a full feeding for a lush, healthy lawn all in one application.




Step 3 - Lawn Food

Apply a general lawn food June through August or any other time throughout the growing season for a thick green, lush lawn. 



Step 4 - Winterizer

Apply a Winterizer in the fall to rebuild roots to withstand winter dormancy and have a better, healthier lawn in the spring. This is the most important step of them all. Try not to skip this one!


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