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South Shore Salon

South Shore Salon                            

     Like many people I know I was going to the same hair salon for years. I had been receiving good service and for the most part very satisfied with the haircut and color I was receiving. The stylist at the salon in Milwaukee who had been styling my hair for many years, moved to California leaving me in a panic. I tried to use another stylist at the salon but wasn’t very happy with the results.  I was ready for a change and didn’t know how to locate a new stylist. Without knowing first hand someone’s work it’s almost as risky as opening the Yellow Pages, closing your eyes and calling the first place your unguided finger lands. I have long hair and have had past experiences where I say 1 inch trim and end up losing 3 inches of hair. Then there’s the nightmare coloring that left me with damaged hair that had to be cut an additional 5 inches. Needless to say as much as I was ready for a change I was still frightened to find a new stylist. I looked around both locally and in nearby cities for stylists. After days of looking through advertisements I realize I’m no closer to finding a new hair stylist then when I started. Then a light bulb goes off. Why not get the opinions of those that actually have nice hair? I begin looking around and asking friends and strangers where do they get their hair done?

     I was looking for someplace that was reasonable and still knew the latest procedures. I like to change my hair style and color often so expertise and knowledge was a must. As far as how far I was willing to travel for this was open, I don’t mind driving a ways if the outcome is worth it. After getting a few different names of salons and stylists I chose the one that I got the best feedback on. The best part was that this Salon was local, a few minutes’ drive from my home. I made my first appointment and waited anxiously and nervously for the date to arrive. That was some time back, and now I will never go anywhere but the South Shore salon in South Milwaukee. I won’t trust anyone else with my hair and I am so happy to have found this salon. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and the prices are great.

South Shore salon is located at 710 Milwaukee Avenue in South Milwaukee. Its a few blocks east of the main downtown area of South Milwaukee, where South Chicago and Milwaukee avenues meet.

     If you are like me and in need a change of a stylist I highly recommend South Shore Salon for all your hair needs. Your entire family is welcome at the salon, men, women and children alike will enjoy getting the latest hair styles and colors at a very reasonable price.  Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. Brighten up your style with a trim or an all together new look!

     Nikki, the owner has over 14 years of experience in as a hairdresser. She bought the salons current location almost 7 years ago. Prior to that it was another salon, which had been in business for 15 years.  Nicolette, the other stylist at South Shore Salon, has 5 years of experience. Both stylists Nikki and Nicolette have many years of experience and education that show in their passion and abilities to style hair. 

     Nikki and Nicolette both attend the Paul Mitchell Academy yearly in Las Vegas to keep up to date on the latest and greatest hair styles, techniques and products. At this seminar they are able to participate in hands on training of these techniques and bring that knowledge back to the salon where they can provide their clients with all of the newest and updated styles and coloring techniques. Besides cut and color, permanents and highlights the salon is also known for men and children’s cuts and styles. I know many stylish men that get their hair cut here. Because they are knowledgeable on the latest styles, for men and women this is definitely the place to get your next hair cut or color done.

     South Shore Salon is also well known for their special occasion hair styles. If you need an up- do or a special occasion style, this is definitely the place to come! Brides as well as prom attendees need to look no further for the perfect style for that perfect day. They use the best products at the salon for all procedures. Paul Mitchell, Avenda and Kenna products are also available for purchase to keep you hair style healthy and looking great.

     Prices do vary depending on hair style, length and procedure however they are very reasonable. If you’re like me I will pay more for a quality hair cut and color. When you come to the South Shore Salon, you don’t have to pay those outrageous prices that the high end salons charge. You will however receive a high end style at a reasonable price.

Basic Cuts vary depending on style requested.

Children and students range from $8 to $ 15

Hair coloring also varies on price, but is $38 for basic color then $58- $75 for additional colors and styles.

Call to speak to Nikki or Nicolette for pricing and a consolation today. They will gladly take the time to talk to you and find out what it is you are looking to do with your hair.

     My latest hair style included getting a trim as well as “Peek a Boo” highlights. Nikki knew exactly how to do this procedure of applying color to the underneath hair layers. Even with my dark hair she was able to get very light blond highlights’ in my hair. Adding to the overall style I went with angled bangs and couldn’t be happier with the final outcome. I have gotten more compliments with this style, and I’m enjoying the look and feel of my hair.

     If you are ready for a change like I was but too anxious or afraid to change your stylist, there’s no reason for you to fear change any more. It’s time to get that new spring and summer look. I’m sure that after your first visit you will become a regular like me and many others.   Please mention that you saw my story and recommendation in this blog “slice of Life” Thank you!

South Shore Salon                              Open this link to get directions to the salon                   

710 Milwaukee                    

South Milwaukee WI 53172                                                       


Hours of operation are Wed  1pm -8pm, Thurs 5 pm-8 pm , Every other Fri 1pm-8pm , Sat 9am-3 pm or by appointment

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