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A Method for Cyberstalking?

Recently, a Facebook friend mentioned this web site.  This is a site that allows you to search people - your friends or acquaintances - to find out information.  Honestly, I knew that there were sites like this for awhile.  Months ago, I heard one of the news channels mentioned it during one of their segments.  However, I just recently had the time to really look at these sites.


This site not only had an accurate estimate of my age, it knew my husband's name, it knew my phone number, my e-mail address, my home address, the price of my house, some of my hobbies, and it displayed a map with a pictures of my house!  If you want, from this site, you can look down my street and see my neighbor's houses.  If you decide to pay for a membership to this web site, you might be able to view my estimated income, detailed information about my house, and some of the pictures I post on social web sites like Facebook and Flickr.

How creepy.

(Okay ... maybe just slightly funny.  This site isn't always accurate; it said that my husband and I are childless and live with his unnamed parents.)

I understand that a lot of this information is available via the Internet anyway, via sites like and Google Maps, but to see all of this information in one spot is borderline cyberstalking.  I just cannot understand how this site can be used for any other purpose other than spying on people you know.

To remove yourself from Spokeo: Click on the Privacy link on the lower front page and follow the directions. You do have to provide your email address; however, once I did this, my name was taken off the site.

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